Unconscious Bias – What you can do against it

Perceptions, ways of thinking, and judgments that take place unconsciously and automatically are called unconscious biases. Learned values, opinions, and norms are unconsciously anchored and consolidated at an early age. Since childhood, we internalize distorted perceptual images. From this point on, we begin to assimilate them, resulting in erroneous distortions. Through this process, the brain […]


Definition The term intersectionality describes the interplay of different discrimination factors and focuses on the consideration of their interactions. The “intersection” stands metaphorically for a street crossing where traffic can come from several directions. Therefore, as is common with a road intersection, the risk of an accident can come from multiple directions. It is the […]

Demographic change and its impact on the labor market

What is meant by demographic change? Demographic change refers to the development of the population structure and its composition based on various characteristics. This includes the characteristics of the age distribution of people, as well as the death rate and birth rate, but also the migration structure. The Federal Statistical Office Destatis has published the […]